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Summer P.E. classes at Douglas Park


This summer, Playfit Kids will be offering eight fun-filled themed weeks of age-appropriate P.E. games. Classes run hourly Monday through Friday starting at 10am on June 10th. The costs of the program is $100 per week plus a one-time registration fee of $50. For more information, contact Coach Jamie at playfitkids@gmail.comSpace is limited.


Douglas Park
2755 SW 37th Ave (near basketball court).

Week: 1 June 10-June 14

10-11am & 3-4pm

Sports Stations 

Week: 3 June 24-June 28

10-11am & 3-4pm

Olympic Games & Track

Week: 5 July 8-July 12

10-11am & 3-4pm

Jump-ropes/Field day Games

Week: 2 June 17-June 21

10-11am & 3-4pm

Run Club

Week: 4 July 1-July 5

10-11am & 3-4pm


Week: 6 July 15-July 19

10-11am & 3-4pm

Capture the Flag/Running Games

Week: 7 July 22-July 26
10-11am & 3-4pm
Races/Sports Stations

I cannot say enough amazing things about Coach Jamie and Playfit Kids. Coach Jamie treats every child with kindness and respect. She learns every child's strengths and weaknesses and helps build the child up. She builds their self-confidence while also developing their mental strengths.
My children William and Penelope had Coach Jamie for physical education and participated in the Playfit Kids after-school program. The confidence and life skills they built in her program will be instilled in them forever.
We love Coach Jamie & Playfit Kids!

-Natalie Bonilla

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