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PlayFit Kids - The ultimate in sports experience for kids!

Active kids are healthy kids. They achieve more and play more. They are Faster, Higher and Stronger. They are PlayFit Kids.

With the PlayFit Kids Sports Enrichment Program, children from the ages of 2-12 learn a wide variety of sports; games and fitness lessons that will help them stay fit for life. This enrichment program includes: Basketball, T-Ball, obstacle courses, Music, Soccer, Yoga, Olympic style games and much more. The list of activities and sport selection is extensive and there are FUN activities for all age groups. Attention Parents: There is also Saturday Soccer and Sport Sessions. Let’s make this a family day!

This sport fitness curriculum is conveniently offered at different facilities throughout the South Miami area such as University of Miami’s Canterbury schools, Sunset Montessori School and Coconut Grove Montessori School, among others. What makes this program so unique is the team of trained staff that will conveniently visit your kid’s school or local park to provide this one- of- a -kind service. Parents can now be “worry free” about the right activities that their children should enjoy as an after school program. The choice is now clear; PlayFit Kids Sports Enrichment Program has it all for your children with supervised, professional staff that will offer your kid undivided attention while guiding them to a healthier lifestyle. 

Your children can now be part of a structured enrichment program of sports and games, enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, celebrate birthday parties or simply join playgroups. Whatever the choice is, they will be motivated to be their best. For more information, visit us at: or contact us at 786-247-6686. Hurry and enroll your kids in our fall season program and check out the list of facilities near you.

Please return soon for more information on our fall season.

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